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Can Filemaker Server 11 go on a new MacOSX Server?

Question asked by CarlSchwarz on Oct 14, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2012 by GordonShewach

We need a new server ASAP - Ideally within 2 weeks, 5 weeks max. Our exchange data is corrupt and filling up our HD's at a fast rate and the equipment is well over age, nearing 5 years. Our boss at the 12th hour wants to switch from a Windows server to a Mac server. Our HUGE complex filemaker database is on filemaker V11. I was going to skip FMv12 because I'm still reading about v12 issues on this forum - our database uses almost every feature that filemaker has to offer, we don't use plug-ins however.

I can't convert and test the database to version 12 within a few weeks.

Anyway I'm in a pickle.


So the question is, can Filemaker Server 11 run on the latest version of Mac OSX Server? The software requirements page for server 11 specifically stop at OSX 10.6 and server is at 10.8 now?

Also I have heard that you can't "downgrade" server, not that we would want to because I believe that server 10.6 doesn't push emails to iPhones.


Thanks for any responses.