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    freeze window script step


      Hey friends,


      I have a simple navigation script that I would like to make more user friendly.

      the way it works is that it navigates to the layout of the anchor table and goes to the related records using the GTRR script step. That all works fine but my issue is when it goes to the anchor table layout in the script, even though I put a 'freeze window' script step, the user still sees an extra layout.


      From what I understand the 'freeze window' step will freeze all activity until the script is done on the active window. The window that the user originates the script from is the active window throughout the script.


      Any help is appreciated


      Have a wondreful day!

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          There are a few steps that would cause a redraw.  If you can print the script to a PDF, and paste the text of that here...we may be able to pinpoint it for you.


          But things that draw dialog windows, pause for user input, etc will cause the screen to redraw even if you use the freeze window.

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            Not sure if this is a possible issue, but could a Layout Script Trigger be un-freezing the window?

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              This may be patronisingly obvious, but the placement of the Freeze Window step is important. So the relevant part of the script should be:



              Freeze Window

              Go to Layout ["anchor_layout" (anchor_table)]

              Go to Related Record [...]


              That is, you need to freeze the window *before* you go to the anchor layout. If you go to the Anchor layout before freezing the window, it will load the anchor layout and display it, and *then* freeze.


              Sorry if you have already checked this, but I thought it worth mentioning just in case.




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                Also, bear in mind that if you execute a script containing the “Freeze Window” step, with the “script debugger” (FM Advanced) activated, the freeze window command will be ignored, but it will execute correctly in normal use.





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                  On a MS Windows machine try this:

                  Script 1

                  Freeze Window

                     Perform Script 2

                     Create Window

                  ..... and I get a huge blank window for about 1/2 a second....  ie, window flash.


                  Putting Freeze Window BEFORE Create Window in Script 2 also does NOTHING!