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Telemarketing Module Prior to Contacts Module

Question asked by MarkNZ on Oct 15, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2012 by MarkNZ

Hi all,

Can you help please...I am wanting to include an area in my Contacts/Invoice/products database for a telemarketer.

The TeleM would need to 1) Import the initial excel contact information 2) deal with it on a layout/s ie: engaged, ring back, make notes etc


The thing is I only want the existing CONTACTS Table populated with new positive prospects including there notes from the telemarketer, NOT everything the TeleM initially brings in from Excel to start phoning with..

Would I need to create a new TeleMarket Table? or create a Table Occurance? from the existing CONTACTS Table . If so how would I best transfer the "new leads" information ( new contacts to follow up)

Is it possiable to create a TeleM Tab in the existing Contacts Layout & have its filelds come from the New stand alone Table.?


Also I have to consider on screen dialing for ease and speed. any ideas?


There maybe a predesigned module for telemarketing out there? I'm in FM12 so wouldnt wont anything to dated if you know what I mean.


As you can see Im new to the Filemaker environment.

Your help would be greatly appreciated