remote website access to local Server data

Discussion created by AussieMT on Oct 15, 2012
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I have been asked to help a charity organisation with the following:

As it is currently setup:

Organisation website is managed by site manager in Perth (Australia) and hosted on server in Perth.

Website access is controlled by username and password.

User logs onto website, where password is controlled/changed/reset etc


Personal contact details are held on a Filemaker Server Advanced 11 on Windows Server 2008, located in Canberra (Australia). This database is used internally within the organisation for membership and accreditation recording, and data is managed by organisation staff. There is currently no external access to the database.


What they want:

The hope is for the member to maintain their contact details etc currently held on Canberra FM11.


Member has logged into Perth website, so now organisation wants to provide a 'details' page with current data from Canberra FM11.

The hope is that the members (some 3000) do not need to reenter username and password, or need entering as individual users on FM11.


I have searched, but so far have not found example of this type of remote data connections etc... or am I missing something basic?

Appreciate all assistance and referals....