File Management System

Discussion created by andrewtraub on Oct 16, 2012
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Is there a sample file management system out there for Filemaker 12?


I know there is a starter solution for content management, but it is very basic.


What I'm hoping to do is the following:

1. Drag and drop files onto a container and have the file stored on a network drive (I know this can be done by setting the container to store the field externally).

2. In my database, each file is associated with a person, so when a file is stored, it should be in a folder named after that person. If the folder does not exist, it should be created. This way, two different people can have a file in their account with the same name. To reduce chances of duplicates within each person's folder, I would like to append the hour and minute to the file name.

3. A button to create a new version which will duplicate the existing file and give the old file a new name.


Are there any samples out there that do something like this. Can this be done in filemaker? Any ideas on how to do it?