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ODBC import doesn't work via FMS schedule but does via client inside firewall

Question asked by DanielShanahan on Oct 16, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2012 by DanielShanahan

I'm not clear on why this works this way. The ODBC source is on an in-house Linux server. I don't know which version of SQL the database is but the database company has set up the ODBC DNS so my customer can write the SQL queries for imports.


When my customer opens the hosted file she can run the script and the import happens as expected. However, when the script is called from a server schedule it does not run. Initially I thought this had to do with the fact that the source db was not open during the scheduled script (3am). However, my customer left the source db open all night.


When my customer runs the script she is inside the firewall. In fact, she is sitting right next to the Linux server. FileMaker Server 12, by the way, is on another machine (Dell server tower) and it is dedicated to FileMaker.


Can anyone she light on why this ODBC import doesn't work from a FMS scheduled script but runs fine when called by FMP inside the firewall?