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Should we proceed and convert to v12?

Question asked by kiwikaty on Oct 16, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2012 by martinc

I would like to do a poll of the community that requires only a "yes convert" or "no wait" answer


We have 200 users that will need to be upgraded to v12 from v11 on a PC by PC basis and the solution to be converted from v11 to v12 is not small... 16 integrated files, 240 tables, 13,500 fields and over 1000 layouts.


We are using other technologies like CWP, OBDC/JDBC and XML exchanges and run a large number or daily scheduled scripts (some of which create pdfs for the websites).


Everything I read on the forum about v12 is rather frightening. If you were in my position would you proceed with the conversion or wait until more of the "bugs" are ironed out?


Note: They are currently "letting staff go" at my workplace so I would rather not come under the spotlight by introducing a host of problems that we do not have already. We have a VLA.


I just need simple "yes convert" or "no wait" answer to the question "Should we proceed and convert to v12?" ...and am especially interested in responses from anyone who works for fm inc!


Many thanks for your time.