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What is the best method of verifying a files integrity?

Question asked by BruceHerbach on Oct 17, 2012



If I want to verify that a file is good, should I run both a recover and a Consistency check on a copy of the file?


Having sat through several sessions on recovering files at Devcon and elsewhere over the years, I was under the impression that taking a copy of a file, running the copy through the FileMaker recover process and getting the message at the end "Recover built a new file without detecting any problems..." meant that the original file was intact and good to go. If I didn't get this message, it meant I had a buch of work to do...


This morning I was doing this and took a look at the end of the recover log and noticed this line: "Note: Recover only checks the data blocks of the file and generates a new file from that data. The Consistency Check checks all blocks of the file, and may find more problems in the original file than Recover does."


From this, it looks like I should be doing both when verifying a file. Is this correct?