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How to get data into Buttons/Tabs( box which display saperate entry )....

Question asked by Anirudh on Oct 17, 2012

Greetings to all !!!!!!!!


I am Designing POS(Point of sale) . Here I want to use 2 types of related entries . one is prduct category  and second one is list of products.

our vision is initially user look only categories and when he/she select the category , the products of the selected category will populate and change

with respective selection  .


For Getting this, I made two tables, One for product (fields - pro_id, cat_id, product) and one for category (fields - cat_id, category) . these 2 tables related by cat_id.


I want when I add new category, It will display on top in tab/button on any same control (rather than radio button or drop-down button ) and same in products.

I got it in radio buttons and dropdown but I want to show those entries into a saperate box for each.


Please beneficence on me with giving ur suggestions...


Thanks in advance..