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How to best manage the opening layout

Question asked by techt on Oct 17, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2012 by jbante

I've been developing FMP for years now, and over thsoe years, depending which version and new techniques picked up from here and DevCon, I've never been completely satisfied with my opening scripts and how the initial layout presentation is delivered. With the addition of IWP and Go to a solution, it complicates things even further. Layouts flash with the last layout shown, even if the user is redirected to a closing layout when closing the last window of a solution. Data from other users is briefly displayed, then the window is moved off screen for various startup functions, then back, flash to another layout, then back where they belong. Again, this is over a number of different solutions on various FMP versions over the past ten years. I really appreciate the FMP community because I know that there are many things out there that I haven't found but other people are willing to direct or share. I'm hoping that this conversation leads to a "rock solid" solution that we can all benefit from.