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Applying/Moving Developments To Live System

Question asked by james.gould on Oct 17, 2012
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Currently I am unaware of any way (other than a manual copy & paste) of moving developments between various different FileMaker solutions. Copying & pasting doesn't work well because the process is time consuming, you can't easily move layouts and it is easy to miss componenets or paste them in an order that breaks things.


This leaves us with with two situations, with regards to development:

* minor changes, usually urgent bug fixes in the live system (danger!)

* larger changes followed by either copying and pasting or importing the live data from the live solution into the dev solution before deployment (time consuming)


Like I said I am unaware of a better way of doing things than this... I would be very grateful if anybody could suggest anything to improve this process or any tips for effective (easy to maintain and preferably server compatible so it can be run overnight to avoid downtime) import scripts to minimize the man time it takes to introduce an update