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    Mouse Wheel Issues FMP 12


      Have got a few problems with one of my clients, we have about 30 computers running off FMP 12 Server and for some reason 2 or 3 of the computers wont scroll when in FMP (List view) all the other computers are fine, same privilage sets, same everything but it just wont scroll!


      The IT department was able to uninstall and reinstall the device drivers and this fixed it temporarily but then they are unable to scroll again! all other programs are able to scroll fine, just filemaker pro, does anyone know of any conflicts with the scroll wheel/drivers/filemaker?


      Thanks in advance



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          What operating system do the users have installed?

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            This may be a user issue.  Since the IT department was able to fix it by re-installing the drivers,  it may be that the user is changing a preference which turns this off in FileMaker as well as other applications.


            If possible,  open the settings for the mouse on both a working system and one that has the problem and compare the settings.  If there is a different value change the non working version to match the working.  Restart the system and see if the scroll wheel works.


            Also try swapping the mouse... Sometimes they just go bad.



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              I'm running two monitors.  When I have FMP up on the second monitor the scrool wheel on my mouse does not work....moving FMP over to the main monitor fixes that issue.  Probably not what your users are experiancing...but maybe.

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                DJ -> All of em are on windows 7, identical systems, they're all standard systems


                Bruce -> Worst thing is, i say if IT can fix it by adjusting drivers its an IT issue, IT says if it works in all programs but filemaker its a filemaker issue, so fun! lol will compare the mouse settings, tried swapping the mice, that didnt fix it


                DS-> will get em to test which monitor it's displayed on, that could be a possibility


                Thanks for the thoughts will keep you posted!!

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                  DS -> Thats the funniest thing i've ever seen but that was the exactly what is happening, do you know how to fix it at all?

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                    I have reported a similar problem with FileMaker on a second monitor.  What I see is basically the UI not refreshing/redrawing, unless I resize the window, or move it to the primary monitor.  As of yet, I haven't seen any acknowledgement from FMI that they are able to reproduce the issue ( although, all they need to do is come look at my screen...lol ).

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                      I had a similar issue and nothing was working. Finally I uninstalled the mouse software (Lenovo running Intellipoint) and just used standard mouse srivers. DId this and the problem was solved. Took a few weeks of troubleshooting to figure it out.