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    Best way to sum sales by hour (based on timestamp)?


      I have a straightforward Transactions table with a relevant line items table. Each Transactions record has a timestamp 1-25-2012 8:09pm, etc.


      I'd love to do some form of reporting by summing sales by the hour over a time period. Bar graph would be nice. I'm not asking for someone to code this for me, just some ideas on best way to implement this.


      Any help is appreciated.



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          Hi, Denis:


          I did something a little like this for a call center, where we wanted to show hourly call rates. I started by creating a calculation resulting in the ending hour of the call timestamp. Then I created a summarized report with the hour calculation as the break field (in addition to summary sections based on the date and employee). You should be able to do the same with timestamped sales, counting the number of sales or even the total amount of sales during that hour.


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