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    Month Calendar in PHP




      I'm searching for a printable month calender in PHP or XML format, something I can connect to our Filemaker Server 12 Advanced.

      Does anybody know a good and simple solution?

      It sould work in Windows and Mac browsers.

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          Decide what features you want. There are several (that probably run on MySQL) that could be adapted to run on FMServer. And some of the calendar solutions in FMP could be PHP enabled (if not already). But again, you need to be really specific on features.


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            PHP is ok :-)

            The data is in a Filemaker database, so with the PHP api its ok.

            But it needs to be a calendar that is printable and work with Mac and Windows browsers.

            But no syncing to another database or google agenda with plugins, i've been there :-)


            -Mac OS 10.6.8 server

            -FIlemaker 12 advanced server

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              Nico, By features, I mean:

                   1. simple calendar - display ONLY (month) with perhaps detail link & your FMP database has all the dates entered


                   2. more complex - add a search


                   3. more complex - add multiple calendars (color-coded by category perhaps


                   4. more complex - entry on the web


                   .... (you begin to see that you need to define exactly what you want first, as it can get complex)


              "printable" does that mean a month grid; a list? several months grid? several months list? or all of these? again, you need to be really specific on what you want.


              Does FMP get "web published" or do you want to have HTML static pages created and update a website as calendar events are changed?


              If it's PHP it gets converted to HMTL (perhaps some javascript) and CSS for formatting. Most browsers should have no problem. But it can be designed however you need.



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                - simple calender (display only 1 month)

                - printable: 1 month grid

                - static HTML page, with a search of records through the URL ? (parameters: year/month will do)


                I search the web for a simple demo I can play with a Filemaker PHP api but I can't find the right one

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                  'Searchable' does not mean static, unless you have another means to get the URL from a search to a static page.

                  for example, if you have published the static pages for this year:








                  These pages could be another static page with the list of year/month and a hyperlink to the other static pages.

                  For this you would not necessarily need PHP! You can create the HTML pages for the calendar and the static pages of links. However this would mean you have to create the HTML (text) and export the static pages from FileMaker and then upload to your webserver. FileMaker is not even web published.