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    how to display table data upon tabs/buttons.


      Hi to all.....


      Does FileMaker advance allow us to display data of tables upon  Tabs/Buttons rather than Edit box , Dropdown or Radio buttons.....

      if yes, then how ???


      Thanks in advance.....

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          Please define "data of tables".

          You can use MERGE FIELDS. you can use fields (edit box), but disable entry so that the used can't change it directly on the layout. Many developers have a 'navigation' set of fields that is a preference setting (global fields most likely, unless they have different fields for language or used specific)). These fields are placed on top of buttons (or tabs), so that they become dynamic. placing text on tab controls is more involved.


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            Hi Anirudh,


            You can also put data on tabs by using a portal - all you need is a relationship. To try it, identify the table occurrence name of the layout (Layouts > layout Setup > Show records from).  Then go to the graph, find it and duplicate it and join them using the final X in the pop-up which is Cartesian product operator meaning ALL records will relate. The two fields used to join do not matter (except not container or summary) and do not have to match.  Joining a TO to itself is known as self-join.  Then place a portal (Insert > Portal) based upon this NEW TO on your layout.  It will show all records in this table in list format.


            If you want to relationally filter the data, there are other operators you can use.  For instance = between two key fields means they must match on both sides and is used to relate customers to their Invoices and so forth.  :-)


            When I say tabs I mean tab controls and not field tabs.