Processing speed factors (CPU versus storage versus memory)

Discussion created by johnkerr48 on Oct 19, 2012
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I have an annual mailing list project for a client starting in a few weeks and can now afford a new iMac 27" (which I want for a different project). As the prices on refurbished iMac's are pretty good, I now have to figure out where to spend my extra cash. I want the best performance crunching large numbers of records (several million) with multiple relationships. Here are my questions:


  1. Am I better off with the fastest processor I can get? (I7 3.4 rather than 3.1)
  2. Does FileMaker 12 work faster when it has more memory? (16gb versus 8gb)
  3. Would a faster solid-state drive be faster than a 7200rpm hard drive?
  4. Are hardware specs going to be a factor at all, or does FileMaker just run at the same speed regardless?


Unless there are new iMac's as part of the announcement next week, I'm happy with a refurbished model. If I got a MacPro, I'd want the biggest, fastest model and I can't afford that. And if the hardware doesn't make the problem quicker to solve, it isn't helping.


The problem is basically scanning through multiple records looking for patterns in street names, towns and zip codes. When street names are spelled differently, or prefixes and suffixes are included in the street name, I want to flag those records so a subsequent script can go back and fix them. The business problem is finding duplicate addresses so that we don't mail someone more than one flyer because they are in the database multiple times. The source data comes from someone else so we have to identify these problems every year. They don't worry about the address issues because different organizations have their own agendas.


If FileMaker doesn't run faster based on hardware specs, then I suppose I can just get a cheaper i7 processor and apply the savings to a second 27" display. I have a perfect spot for both of them.


Thanks ahead of time for all ideas and insights.