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How can I use conditional formatting in FMP12?

Question asked by StanW on Oct 19, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2012 by StanW

Hi all


I have a test system where I am converting a FMP 11 solution to FMP 12 on a Mac. As is well documented here, I have found that conditional formatting is dreadful in FMP 12. I have a layout list showing about 50 records. When I include conditionally formatted summary fields the window takes 18 seconds to generate. Just removing the conditional formats from the summary fields, the window displays in a more reasonable 2.5 seconds.


I want the formatting because I can visually see the results as the fields are categorized from light to dark. Are there any tricks to speeding up the formatting? I suppose I could present the data without formatting and have a button that switches to an identical table that includes the formatting, but that switch would still take an excruciating 18 seconds. I have plenty of RAM and an SSD.