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File Access restrictions and 'opener' files

Question asked by mdiehr on Oct 20, 2012

For my clients, I typically make a small "opener" file which is a .fp7 file that lives on their desktop and includes a startup script:

open file "fmnet://"


I'm testing out the new "File Access" restrictions in FM11, and after enabling this on my hosted file, I was unable to create this small opener file. Although the documentation says "Only authorized files can access tables, scripts, and other elements of the file" it appears as if the OpenFile script step is also blocked.


I went ahead an authorized the file, but now I'm wondering : have I just opened myself up to a security hole?



Opener File.fp7 (lives on client's PC, no password, has been authorized to MainDatabase.fp7)

MainDatabase.fp7 (hosted on my filemaker server, very tight security, the cilent has a limited access password)