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Discussion created by MacUT on Oct 20, 2012
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I have a HR data base that tracks salaries. In a give year there may be several changes to a person's salary. The person may be promoted, change departments, etc. Each time this happens I record the old salary and the new salary for the given date in a salaries change table. What I need is a report that shows each person's salary change records, the percent change each time, the percent change for the whole year, and the person's beginning and ending salary for the year. In my sample file I can do this but what I can't seem to do is to get a subtotal of the the person's salary for a 3 or 4 year period. I would also need the subtotal broken out by each of the departments.


The file is named SampleBrian.fp7 and is just a brief mock up of what I need.


Can anyone help me with this?




Brian Garman