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how to tell if an editable field based on a value list is empty

Question asked by pilot_john on Oct 20, 2012
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I am both the user and the developer of my database. I am pretty new to filemaker. I also have one other employee that uses my database. I have tried searching the internet and this forum for the answer to the following question but i have not found it yet.

I was wondering if there was a script that could tell if a field is empty when that field is based on a value list that is based on both the Customer ID and Customer's Full Name and the field is editable. I tried the isEmpty formula/calculation but it returns empty if there is no customer Id associated with the customer. From time to time, I have walk in customers that I know will be a one time customer and for that reason I do not put them in the cutomer's table. I only add customers that I expect to be repeat customers. When that happens, I still need to create an invoice to record the sale. I always type their name into the field mentioned above but since it really only stores the Id and not the name, it doesn't do well with the isEmpty calculation. But filemaker must store the names somewhere because when I go back through past invoices, those names not associated with a customer Id still show up.


As I re-read my paragraphs above, it comes to me that maybe I shouldn't be doing it this way at all. As the user, I never thought about the effects of typing in a name into a box that was a numbers field. I actually just got use to it and started thinking that it was a text box / text field. It only displays the text from the second field (name), it does not display the first field (customer id). So if there is not a way to test if the field is completely empty and/or if there is a better way to record the names of non-repeat customers, I am completely open to suggestions.

The reason for wanting to do this is because I don't want to be able to add any line items until a customer has been put in first. The reason for this is that I have a script in the line items that uses the customers name. And that script doesn't work the way I want it to if it doesn't have a customer's name to go with it. I guess another way to do that is to have a new window pop up to enter the customers name each time a new invoice is created. Although if there is a way to do it with out another window poping up, I would rather do it that way.


I use FileMaker Pro 11 at work on a macbook Pro running OS X. This is the computer that has the invoicing database on it. I also have a newer macbook pro running OS X at home that has FileMaker Pro Advanced 11. I some times take a copy of the database home to work on it because of the scripting and debugging tools that FMP Advanced has. Also, if it makes it easier, I can upload a copy of the database as an attachment, but I would prefer to strip it of sensitive information first. Hopefully I can just explain the set up and not have to do that.


Conclusion: I would like to know if there is a way to check the editable box on the invoice layout to see if it is empty of any text even though it is tied to a numbers field. If not then I would like any suggestions or workarounds to this problem.




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