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What's the correct way to set constants?

Question asked by benlevi on Oct 19, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2012 by mdiehr

I've been programming w/FM for a long long time, and for some reason I'm still not clear on the best way to set a global constant in FM. I've read numerous methods, but there's got to be a recommended way.


Like many folks, I want to set a text constant that I can use in a relationship, i.e. to filter a set of records to only show those that have a field containing that constant value. Obviously everyone opening the database needs to see those same constant values.


There are 3 methods (possibly more) that I can think of:

1) Create a global text variable, and use an "on open" script to set that global variable to a constant value.

2) Create a global calculation variable and set the calculation to the constant. NOTE: does a record have to be created in order for this to happen? Or does it happen simply by creating the global field?

3) Create a global text variable and set it to a Calculated value equal to the constant.


Which does FM recommend?