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    Zip file on Upload 12v2/Mountain Lion


      We've had the issue on larger files uploading to FMS as a zip file. We saw this on Server 12v1 and Lion.


      We now see it on Mountain Lion and Server 12v2.


      This is after a deinstall and fresh install of Server 12v2 (the full v2, not v1+updater).


      We work around it by just moving the file and changing permissions but it seems less safe than the database upload feature.


      The file I was updating this morning was 9GB. We have some files as large as 50GB.


      Just an update for anyone else experiencing it.


      On a side note, we haven't seen a lot of feedback on the new incremental backup feature. Anyone out there using it on large (>10GB) files?


      In general, our migration from 11 to 12 has been smooth. Some side-by-side benchmarks are significantly faster . . .





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