Scripted got to Layout vs. Button go to layout performance issues in FM12

Discussion created by wrwaugh on Oct 21, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2012 by misham

Perhaps it is just me and the way I have built my database, but I have an issue that I want to know if others have seen.


If I have a button on "Layout 1" that is set to Perform Script, and said script is simply: Go to Layout [Contact Details (Contacts)]. It takes as much as five seconds and no less than 3 seconds to complete.


However, if the button on layout 1 is set to Go to Layout and the layout is Contact Details, it takes less than 1 second.


I am stumped. I confess that on the layout Contact Details I am using a Theme of 'River' which I have modified rather severly and I have a tab control with 10 tabs, but I don't see how I get there should make a difference.


Any Ideas?