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    Find URLS in html




      I am trying to have Filemaker get URLs out of HTML and Ideas?



      I am writing a database to find new enties on a web page.



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          A well deserved plug for the MBS plug in. 

          It's has a function for this, as well as extracting a variety of other usual suspects from HTML.

          Links , image links , image files, KimKardashian references, etc.

          Check out a demo.   Not to dbl plug the plug but I have to say, the updates are relentless.

          He just keeps throwing more and more into it and as soon as u blink, another build has been posted.

          A very welcomed ethic by comparison to a list * longer than it should be* of

          Plug in houses seeking paid upgrades but offering nothing more than version support, bug fixes, and trivial blah.  Snip.  Good luck