Losing FM table linkage if renaming SQL Server database

Discussion created by taddeima on Oct 23, 2012

Hi All,


I set one external data source (ODBC) against a MS SqlServer database inside MyFileMakerPrj.fmp12 db file (attachment 1).


The ODBC dirver has been called SQL_TO_FILEMAKER and is fully working against a SqlServer default instance called SQL_PALA containing one view called dbo.MyView (see attachments 2 and 3).


MyFileMakerPrj.fmp12 works correctly, accessing to dbo.MyView object.


Then I needed to clone and rename de SqlServer database name to SQL_PALA_01... so I changed the default instance inside the SQL_TO_FILEMAKER odbc connector from SQL_PALA to SQL_PALA_01 (and this change is working correctly if I use it from Excel for example or if I create a pretty new "external data source" in Filemaker).


At this point original MyFileMakerPrj.fmp12 cannot access to dbo.MyView anymore... it seems that changing setup inside SQL_TO_FILEMAKER odbc connector is not enough to point to the new database name, or that FileMaker is "remembering" somewhere the old SqlServer instance name.


I'm asking to FM gurus if this behaviour is what should be expected or any advice on how can get rid of that.


Thank you,