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    SQL tables not showing up


      I'm new to SQL data sources but I got it all configured, yay for me.




      None of the tables that I need in SQL are showing up in the "specify table" box. I spoke to the dba and he said that he did not create those tables.

      I presure these are system tables. How do I get to the actual data tables in SQL. Thanks


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          Check your user permissions.   The latest versions of SQL Server have a couple of levels to get this all setup right.  Have your DBA test it with something they are familiar with like Access or Excel, and then give it a go in Filemaker after your sure it is all working.

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            Thank you for the tip. i checked that and it seemed ok. What I was missing was setting the default database of the username i was using to the correct database. I'm new to this so that might seem obvious to most but thats what did it.


            But I'm not home yet...


            I am trying to import from an ODBC data source and it works. BUT it only imports 3 records when there are more than 20000 in the SQL table.


            So Close!

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              It looks like you are using the Actual Technologies ODBC driver on the Mac? Assuming that is the case, you are most likely in Trial mode with no license key, which only returns 3 records from the data source.  Purchase a license for Actual (very reasonable).  Enter you new license code, and all should be well.



              Lee Snover

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                For the sake of some closure for this post. The original problem was that I could not get the tables to show up. It was actually not a permission problem but a default database problem. I asked the dba to check the permission and I had full access but the default database he had it set to was the wrong one.

                Changing the default database in SQL permissions allowed me to see the tables I needed in FMP.


                Lee, you are certainly correct, I have the trial version of Actual Technologies. Thanks for that tip, you just saved me a bunch of time.


                A good day to all