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    FileMaker 12v3 - Updates on Performance


      Ok, so now that this update is available, looking forward to hearing your experiences with performance.

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          Here's the link to go straight to the downloads page. http://www.filemaker.com/support/downloads/

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            Installed the update.  Sorry to report that all the portals in my files are distorted, with thick lines. All elements except the scroll bar appear to be affected.  I can't seem to solve this new issue. FM12 adv v3, Windows XP


            Before Update



            After Update:


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              The update documentation specifically mentions the performance of conditional formatting calculations when rendering a layout. I had run a test in v2 with this conditional formatting calculation on an otherwise blank layout in form view:


              Let ( $$i = $$i + 1 ; False )


              And this script:


              Set Variable [$$i; Value:""]

              Refresh Window []

              Show Custom Dialog ["$$i: " & $$i]


              In FileMaker 12v2, $$i was 4 at the end of the test, indicating that one window refresh cause the conditional formatting calculation to evaluate 4 times. In FileMaker 12v3, $$i was 1, as we would all hope it should be.

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                I'm also having the thick line problem on Windows.

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                  Glad to hear that Jeremy.  I was just testing the same thing.

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                    I too just updated to FMP12Av3 on Windows 7 and am seeing the same thing as Steve M.  The portal lines can either be thick, thicker, or non-existent. There doesn't seem to be a way to make the portal lines thin.  I've only tried on one file though.

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                      The performance of FM12v3 is unacceptable on Windows.  FM11v3 scripts were too slow and FM12v3 scripts are slower.  For example, two scripts in FM11v3 were 42 sec. and 105 sec.  The very same scripts in FM12v3 were 52 sec. and 143 sec.  Filemaker, it's performance, performance and performance.  What good are features if there's no performance.  If I upgrade, I will be out of business.  I believe there should be a discount on annual leases if you're unable to use FM12v3?  I started with FileMarker II in 1990.  I've used every trick in the book to tweak performance, I even got the input of two respectable programmers.  The problem is performance not programming.  Is FM11v3 going to be the end of the line for me?


                      John Fitch

                      Database Solutions

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                        Hmmm...I have a few scripts that were running slower with 12v2 than 11v3, but a good number of them ran faster.  It must be doing a lot if it's taking 42 secs/105 sec in 11v3.  I have a few scripts that take a long time, but that's because there were originally a bunch of fields that have auto-enter calcs that reference all the other auto-enter calcs in the table.  So one change triggered all of the auto-enters to fire...and I haven't gotten to that part of the solution to rework it yet.

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                          Update:  Not only are there the strange portal display anomalies but defining portals in layout mode is now a challenge as the issue makes it difficult to place fields properly within the portal row. I notice if I set the portal lines to one point and invisible, the one point line will display, but the scroll bar and outside border does not.  This would indicate that the base lines are omnipresent in the portal specification, so attempts to define lines/borders for the portal have a doubling effect on the portal row base lines.  Whatever the cause, this update is not workable for me.  Will roll back to v2 until this issue is resolved.

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                            A data point: updating to the new version decreased display of several conditionally formatted fields on a layout from 13 seconds to 3.4 seconds -- very noticeably faster. On a subjective scale, my solution went from embarrassing to usable. This is on a Mac running Mountain Lion.

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                              Steve, I found this "error". If the lines in the portal are selected, the "repetition" line must also be selected. Yes, the tooltip on this in the Inspector, still says "Add borders between repetitions in repeating fields", but it applies to portal rows, too.


                              I had some side-by-side portals (showing line 1-10, 11-20, etc.) I had one portal with this NOT selected and OOOPs what a mess, it showed 11-20 AND part of portal row 21 (no lines, either)! Lesson learned. It's for repetition fields AND portal rows.


                              See if that's what's going on for you. Make sure it's selected, but all the lines will be transparent "color".



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                                Thanks for the suggestion, but the repetition line is selected by default in all my portals, which creates the double thickness distortion.  Unselecting causes  the row base lines to disapear totally.  Neither behavior is workable for me.

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                                  It appears to only be a problem in the "Classic" theme.  The other themes let you make an adjustment to that line, and appears more like you would expect.

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                                    Yes, I was thinking that the theme might be the leading suspect.  Unfortuantely this is a large converted solution, in which all layouts are defaulted to the Classic theme.  Changing themes to address this problem is not a viable option for us.

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