Custom Report Design Issue

Discussion created by KenShick on Oct 24, 2012
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I am having trouble previewing and printing to PDF a totally custom report. This is not a Filemaker report. I gather information for a single client from a large database of clients and insert each section/paragraph of information into a very long text field. For example, there are paragraphs on Client Overview, Client Objective, Client Support, etc., all in consecutive order in this report field. Then I preview and print a PDF. At one time the report was of a length where it would fit in a field stretched to the length of a layout. Now the report is much larger and more flexible because it allows the user to pick the section/paragraphs and the order. So the report now exceeds the length of a layout. I have done many tests using multiple layouts but it’s never quite right. I get blank pages in preview and truncated text. It seems the only solution is to limit the length of the field to the length of a page but that is very difficult to do since I don't know which data the user is selecting and how long it is. FM11.3 Any ideas?