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    App Maker


      If you delete the profile from your settings on the iPad all the apps associated with the profile will be removed but there are all these white icon shells that still stay on the iPad which you have to remove by deleting them. This was not the case in the earlier version.


      Did anyone else had that problem? is there any solution for this?

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          I don't have a solution, spundir, but I have experienced the same thing. I've found installing App Maker icons finicky. Sometimes it works, sometimes I have to do it twice before it works, sometimes I have to delete the profiles and icons and then install again.


          Gordon Shewach

          Desktop Services

          Ann Arbor, MI

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            Thank you Gordon


            I have been manually deleting the profiles and the apps. but I like the appmaker it just makes it so much like an individual iOS app. If only i can learn to exit out of filemaker when the user logs out of a solution then i will be set.


            Anyways this was my first post and you are my first contact so thank you for the answer. I am very new to FileMaker and am just starting but i love using it.


            Thanks again