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    Import Scripts


      Does anyone know how to import a csv file into multiple tables in Filemaker?


      The import tool seems to want to create a new table or import into one table, but I want to split the data into multiple tables.


      So, for example, each row in the csv file contains a name, address, home address, phone, fax, cell phone, etc


      In the database, I have a table for name, one-to-many table for addresses, one-to-many table for phones, etc.


      So I would want to pull in a row, split the name and identifying information into one table, the address(es) into a related table, and the phone numbers into a related table.


      If it can't be done from the csv, then surely I can let filemaker create a new table and then run a script to split the data from that table.





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          Hi Andrew:


          I think you've already answered your question (your last line). You need to pull in the data THEN split it into your other tables. You'll want to import (either into your current table or into a temp new table) the entire CSV row; let the UUIDs get created, then, in your import script, loop through the new records to create related records (with the data already now in the row).