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    Version 12.0.v3 Get(ActiveFieldContents) in Web Viewer Broken


      I just upgrade from 12.0.2v to 12.0.v3 and in any Web Viewer where I use Get(ActiveFieldContents) it fails. My Web Viewer is pointing to a URL where based on the item number field in a portal my curser is in, with the help of Get(ActiveFieldContents), displays a picture of that item. If I replace Get(ActiveFieldContents) with the actual item number the Web Viewer works fine. All worked fine in 12.0.v2 but not in the new upgrade. The PCs & Mac that I haven't upgrade work fine so I know it can not be a changes or scripting issues on my end. I haven't changed anything, just upgraded.




      My curser is clicked in a portal rows item_num field which contains the item-num JS10766


      Web Viewer Setup =


      "http://www.website_holding_images.com/page_displaying_image.html?product_id=" & Get ( ActiveFieldContents ) ---- works in 12.0.v2 not in 12.0.v3



      Change Web Viewer Setup =


      "http://www.website_holding_images.com/page_displaying_image.html?product_id=" & "JS10766" ------ works in both 12.0.v2 & 12.0.v3


      Please Help




      Mac OS 10.6.8 and WIndows 7

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          I haven't updated yet... I tend to wait while things like this are exposed.


          I did set up a test however in 12.0v2 and it works fine.


          I wonder if it is related to the web viewer or just to that function. I wonder also if you scripted it and applied a script trigger to the field if it would work using variables to capture the data. What you are basically asking the web viewer to do is refresh every time you click in one of the portal fields. The other methodology with scripts would focus on the field then force the web viewer to do a fresh call.



          - Lyndsay