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Version 12.0.v3 Get(ActiveFieldContents) in Web Viewer Broken

Question asked by on Oct 24, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2012 by LyndsayHowarth

I just upgrade from 12.0.2v to 12.0.v3 and in any Web Viewer where I use Get(ActiveFieldContents) it fails. My Web Viewer is pointing to a URL where based on the item number field in a portal my curser is in, with the help of Get(ActiveFieldContents), displays a picture of that item. If I replace Get(ActiveFieldContents) with the actual item number the Web Viewer works fine. All worked fine in 12.0.v2 but not in the new upgrade. The PCs & Mac that I haven't upgrade work fine so I know it can not be a changes or scripting issues on my end. I haven't changed anything, just upgraded.




My curser is clicked in a portal rows item_num field which contains the item-num JS10766


Web Viewer Setup =


"" & Get ( ActiveFieldContents ) ---- works in 12.0.v2 not in 12.0.v3



Change Web Viewer Setup =


"" & "JS10766" ------ works in both 12.0.v2 & 12.0.v3


Please Help




Mac OS 10.6.8 and WIndows 7