PHP-Sessions linger in admin console client list

Discussion created by kalle_samuelsson on Oct 25, 2012
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I noticed a difference in FileMaker Server 12 vs previous versions and would like some more information on this. When using PHP-API to access data in a database hosted on a FileMaker Server 11, the request is normally processed so fast that the client list in FMS Admin Console never shows the PHP request. The client list updates to slow to have time to register the PHP request. Only if a time consuming script or a unstored find-request on large a dataset is performed using PHP-API then maybe the PHP request will show up on the client list.


In FileMaker Server 12v2 on both Windows and MacOS it appears that all PHP requests are shown for about a minute or so on the client list in FMS Admin Console. This happens even if a very simple request, that accoring to PHP takes less then 300ms, is performed.


I have seen this behavior on three different serverns now. Both MacOS 10.7, 10.8 and Windows 2008 Server. Is this a new feature in FMS12? Is the actual session in WPE (TomCat) actually persistant for about 1 minute? Hopefully the session is closed as soon the the request respons is delivied through WPE to PHP and what I see in the client list is only a ghost-session, with only purpose to inform me about that a client was connected.


Does anyone know more about this? Is it a real 60 sec session I see or is it a ghost? I cen´t find anything about this in FMS Help/Manual.