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    Importing binary data from SQL Server


      I discovered something today which I've not seen discussed before. Using the Open menu command and choosing an ODBC data source, I was able to import SQL server data into a filemaker table and was able to bring in varbinary(max) data. Filemaker put this data into a container field and all the file icons are named Untitled.dat. If I export field contents, naming the file according to the filename data stored in RQST_TREE_NAME, the attached files are all readable from their native applications.


      I was always under the impression that getting at binary data in SQL databases was not possible via ODBC, and that additional code was required to pull out that data and get it into containers. Has anyone else ever seen/done this?



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          Very interesting, can't say that I've tried that.  ODBC can certainly handle Binary data, the issue is with Filemaker.  So the importer is not limited.  ESS definately IS limited.


          Will have to experiment a bit with some different types of binaries.



          Lee SNover

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            FYI, I was able to do an import on a large table and successfully generate a 840 GB filemaker file.  A spot check of 25 random documents shows they are identical to the source data.  Now my task is using 360works scriptmaster to rename all the files in the containers to their actual names so that I can use 360Works scribe to extract the text contents to a field for all supported file types (docx, xlsx, pptx, pdf etc.)  Then we'll see how long it takes to index all those fields and how fast full text searching of everything is....

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              840GB, yowzer.    Keep us posted. ;-)