ExecuteSQL: Grouping

Discussion created by jbrown Expert on Oct 24, 2012
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Hey all,

IS there a way to mimic a sub-summary report that can be displayed in a simple text field?

When I run the function that looks like this:


SELECT Advisor, FirstLastName, ConferenceTime

FROM StudentTable

WHERE Grade = ?

AND School =?

AND ConferenceTime IS NOT NULL

GROUP BY Adivsor, FirstLastName, ConferenceTime

ORDER BY ConferenceTime";"";"";$$Grade, $$School)


I get something like this:


Andree, Barny Rubble, 7:00

Andree, Fred Flintstone, 7:30

Andree, Betty Rubble, 8:00




Is it possible to make it look like this, using ExecuteSQL?


Barny Rubble, 7:00

Fred Flintstone,7:30

Betty Rubble, 8:00


Instead of the advisor name getting pulled and listed for every record, can it be listed once, as a heading of sorts?