Publishing Database For Filemaker Go Remote Access

Discussion created by ianlenehan on Oct 24, 2012
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I have FMP12 and Filemaker Server 12 (trial). I have a database that I have been able to successfully publish for access via a web browser using Instant Web Publishing. I can also access this database using Filemaker Pro 12 and Filemaker Go 12 (iPad) over the local server.


However I can not figure out how to access the database over the internet using Filemaker Go 12. I want to be able to have access to this when I am away from my local network over 3G/LTE but if I use the same format I use for the web access (http://<server name>/fmi/iwp), Filemaker Go can not connect. I have also tried changing the http:// to fmnet:/ but that hasn't worked. I just get a window with the option to enter filename and a message that says (no files available).


Is there another type of sharing that I need to activate on my database to allow me to connect over the internet via Filemaker Go?


Many thanks