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    Filemaker 12 v3 Crashing from print jobs


      Using Filemaker 12 v3 and when sending out a batch of user reports (over just 1 user report) to be printed, Filemaker 12v3 crashes after processing anywhere from 4 to 400 (varies) and brings up the Windows error stating there was a problem with Filemaker.exe...


      Also noticed a difference in how long it takes to process the reports since Filemaker 11. Print reports are processing slower.



      I've read other reports on the slowness but havent found one specifically on the crashing when printing so here it is.


      Please update soon.

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          We upgraded over the weekend.  Seemed to go smoothly until printing documents today. 


          It seems as though Filemaker is producing massively oversized print spools. Single page delivery notes for example were around 500k in FM11 but in FM12 130Mb (yes you did read that correctly).


          It appears the same across several of our printed pages, huge files that take an eternity to print.  We have tried creating a brand new FM12 file and adding a single 45k jpeg to a layout and printing, resulting in a 50Mb print spool.

          We have tried with different printers (which all functioned fine with FM11), different print drivers and bonjour versions.


          This is impacting on our business pretty badly as we produce 1000's of printed documents a day.