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Is one method better than the other?

Question asked by PaulWebb on Oct 25, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2012 by PaulWebb

Overall goal is to show a count for records with an open status. FM Pro 12 Adv


I came up with two methods to accomplish the above. Wondering if one is better than the other and why.



Two tables: Portfolio and SR

Layout: records from Portfolio


Method 1

Filtered portal, related records from SR

Filter: LeftWords ( SR::SR_Status ; 1 ) ≠ "Closed"

One field in portal: Count_SR

Summary: Count of SR Number


Method 2

Create two fields in the SR table


Calculation; Unstored: If ( LeftWords ( SR_Status ; 1 ) ≠ "Closed" ; 1 ; 0 )


Summary: Total of CurrentlyOpen

CurrentlyOpenSummary is displayed on layout.


Is there a better way to accomplish the same thing? Are there any problems with using either of the above options?