Script required to copy from one table to another

Discussion created by MarkNZ on Oct 25, 2012
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Hi all,

I am creating a new Telemarketing Table with layouts to suit.

However i would like to Commit / send the positive contacts from the telemarketer table to a seperate CONTACTS TABLE NEW RECORD area.

How is this best done? Create a commit button on the Telemarketing contact layout form, scripted somehow to send the potential contact into the Main New CONTACT RECORDS Form.

I want to avoid a lengthy, hassled importing procedure. Also would like the new contact to receive its serial number only when its introduced into the the Main CONTACT form layout.( module)

I feel it best for the telemarketer to export/ commit the records from there end to be picked up from someone else to follow the enquiry through. There would need to be a sort done on the TeleM side to find all positive potential customers, then actioned ( sent from there )

I presume a script would best do this, could someone be so kind to suggest


Your Thoughts GREATLY Appreciated :D Mark