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odd Server authentication error

Question asked by user10625 on Oct 25, 2012
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FMS 12 , Windows Server 2008 R2 ( IIRC ).

Most clients are windows 7, but there are a few MAC users such as myself.

The behavior appears with both.


We see a server error, in the server logs, every time someone logs in: "So-and-so failed to authenticate to filemaker Server". In fact, however, the user recieves no error whatsoever. They log in just fine. (We are on a system which is basically a one-file database, although there are a number of peripheral files, which have less/no security on them.) We are not using Active Directory or anything like that, just straight-ahead Filemaker Security.


Has anyone seen this? Is this a weird OS/Server conflict, or could it be something wrong with the database file? I didn't think much of these errors . . which have apparently been happening for a long time.


However, recently the database file itself, when I tried to open it locally, gave the dreaded "Access Privs are damaged" error message. I think we can recover from that . . .but I am curious if these things might be connected. (I'm also curious how the access privs could be damaged . . we have a controlled, well-behaved server setup, and there was no one logged on when the damage apparently happened, except for me doing some routine maintenance and programming--(through the server--no one was opening the database locally while it was served of course(!!))--and not touching security in any way.)


Thanks in advance for any help,


Christopher Bailey


Baytaflow Consulting

Boston MA