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    odd Server authentication error


      FMS 12 , Windows Server 2008 R2 ( IIRC ).

      Most clients are windows 7, but there are a few MAC users such as myself.

      The behavior appears with both.


      We see a server error, in the server logs, every time someone logs in: "So-and-so failed to authenticate to filemaker Server". In fact, however, the user recieves no error whatsoever. They log in just fine. (We are on a system which is basically a one-file database, although there are a number of peripheral files, which have less/no security on them.) We are not using Active Directory or anything like that, just straight-ahead Filemaker Security.


      Has anyone seen this? Is this a weird OS/Server conflict, or could it be something wrong with the database file? I didn't think much of these errors . . which have apparently been happening for a long time.


      However, recently the database file itself, when I tried to open it locally, gave the dreaded "Access Privs are damaged" error message. I think we can recover from that . . .but I am curious if these things might be connected. (I'm also curious how the access privs could be damaged . . we have a controlled, well-behaved server setup, and there was no one logged on when the damage apparently happened, except for me doing some routine maintenance and programming--(through the server--no one was opening the database locally while it was served of course(!!))--and not touching security in any way.)


      Thanks in advance for any help,


      Christopher Bailey


      Baytaflow Consulting

      Boston MA

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          Hi Christopher,


          One of my clients was getting a lot of these error messages in the log, but users were able to log in with no problem. It turned out that several of their databases had an auto-login set on the File --> File Options menu. That auto-login was for the Admin user, with no password, which is the default for new files. Since no user named Admin existed, that login attempt failed, causing the authentication error in the log. But the user-provided credentials were okay, so the user logged in just fine.


          Hope that helps!



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            This clued me in . . not quite what you were describing but close.


            We have an "opener file" for staff at the office, which simply takes users to the standard FMP login screen of the main database.


            So, when a staff person logs in, they double-click to open their opener file, that file has the "Admin / BLANK" set up for the auto-login.  The opener file's On-Open script opens the main database.  FMP then tries to apply those credentials ( Admin / BLANK )  to the main database, and they fail.  Hence the error.  Meanwhile, the staff is presented with the standard login screen, logs in, and all is well.


            So that answers that question . . .