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Monthly report on item with logical check on result

Question asked by rayk on Oct 26, 2012
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I am trying to get a monthly report for an item (RVUs) which then does a calulation based on the Monthly sum. I can get a monthly report with the correct sum, but when I try to get the sum I used the calculation [ Case ( Total RVU<250 ; A ; Total RVU ≥ 250 and Total RVU < 300; B ; C) ] with ABC being actual numbers. The Case function seems to look at the Total RVU for the day (which always gives me 250) instead of the correct number, which would be for the month. The total for each month may be different, so I want the database to look at the total for Sept, Oct and Nov seperately.


I have been using the same database for over 10 years and have not kept up on my FMP skills, but I am lost on what I am missing here. A portal solution would also be great.