FIlemaker Go - problem with pdf function failing

Discussion created by KimWood on Oct 27, 2012

My FIlemaker Go access using iPad works well in accessing data on our server.


There is some problem with printing to .pdf.


Lets say I want to send an invoice. I print it to .pdf, the email layout pops up, the pdf is opened and visible, and off the email goes. All good.


After some time, in doing the same thing, the opened pdf is not visible, but only an icon of the attached pdf. It goes out and is opened by the receiver OK.


Then after more time, I do the same thing, and there is no attachement visible on the outgoing email, and the receiver receives no attachments.


Only after switching off and re-booting the iPad does the pdf funcion return to normal.


One of my clients accessing our database in his iPad complained of the same problem.


Is there a fix for this ? Any ideas ?