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    Intermittent Flashing


      OS: Windows XP SP3

      FM: FileMaker Pro 11v3


      We have 7 identical machines ( literally identical disc image installs ). One of the machines is getting an intermittent pause/flash thing happening. This particular setup is Peer-to-Peer sharing...there is a separate PC sitting in our server closet that is running FMP 11, and hosting the file. About 1x to 2x an hour, this user is getting a screen flash. Everything stops, screen goes white, then after a second or two, comes back and continues on normally.




      • Happening even when no one is making changes to the data, or running a script.
      • Never more than 3 users simultaneously.
      • Never 2 users on the same record, local or related.
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          FWIW and I do not claim to know what I'm saying here as a 10 month old FM rookie,   but in the spirit of offering an idea in appreciation for your prior contributions to (https://fmdev.filemaker.com/message/97497), I don't suppose your application is employing any kind of WebViewer, is it?


          Probably not but just trying to be helpful. Will be watching this topic.


          In the end, that was the cause of the WinXP flashing in my topic #97497 that you posted to.

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            Thanks Bill.  I appreciate throwing in the idea.


            No web viewer in this solution.  The weird part here is that it does it when no one is changing data.  The only thing that may be in play at the time is scheduled backup.  This is hosted via FMP, and I'm using "Save a Copy As..." to save a copy of this file.  But it seems like this would make all 3 users on experience similar flash.

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              Okay I have to ask because sometimes it's the little things ... bad cable? 

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                Great idea. I will be checking that on Monday.  I was so focused on the software, OS, and network...I wasn't even thinking about the cables.

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                  I had a situation where a cable under my desk was causing served FileMaker to hang (in large corporate citrix environment).  Absolute truth.  FMS was hanging two and three times a day and the instant they replaced the network cable it stopped.   It was because my bad connection was somehow draining all FMS resources.  


                  I told the techs to stick around and I'd make the computer smoke too LOL.

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                    Great idea. I will be checking that on Monday.

                    Just curious... Did you ever get this issue resolved?

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                      Not yet.  Still eliminating wires.  Working my way back from the PC to the host box. I will report back my results.

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                        I upgraded my son's MacBook Pro with 8 GB of RAM and couple of months ago, and over the ensuing weeks the optical disk died, the screen started displaying garbage and pixelating/breaking up, and it started to crash frequently. He mentioned that it seemed to get worse when he moved the machine around a bit.


                        I replaced the new memory with the old and the machine is back to its old fully-functioning self. Bad RAM.


                        Check the cables first, then consider hardware problems. Try swapping that computer with another that is known-good.