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Intermittent Flashing

Question asked by jormond Expert on Oct 26, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2012 by Vaughan

OS: Windows XP SP3

FM: FileMaker Pro 11v3


We have 7 identical machines ( literally identical disc image installs ). One of the machines is getting an intermittent pause/flash thing happening. This particular setup is Peer-to-Peer sharing...there is a separate PC sitting in our server closet that is running FMP 11, and hosting the file. About 1x to 2x an hour, this user is getting a screen flash. Everything stops, screen goes white, then after a second or two, comes back and continues on normally.




  • Happening even when no one is making changes to the data, or running a script.
  • Never more than 3 users simultaneously.
  • Never 2 users on the same record, local or related.