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    FMP 12 Server Advanced ODBC connection Oracle DBs


      I'm in the process of migrating from FMP Server 10 to FMP Server 12 Advanced. I'm working with my IT guys and I need to know if what I would like to do is possible.


      Database "A" is served on the FMP12 server. Client connects to Database "A". Database "A" has external data source defined to an oracle DB via ODBC. Client PC/MAC doesn't have any ODBC definitions. Will Filemaker connect to external datasource via the ODBC System DSN defined on the Server machine that is running the FMP 12 Server Advanced?





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          For sure this will work if you have FMS12Advanced running on Windows Server and the client machines are also Windows. I don't have any experience with other configurations, so hopefully someone else will reply that does.


          Just make sure you have the ESS data source configured so that clients share the ODBC authentication credentials. I also recommend having a special account setup on the SQL server and use this as the shared authentication account for all users. The SQL dB admin can grant this account any privs needed for your desired FM/ESS functionality.


          I also suggest you download and read the ESS In Depth Techbrief linked below.







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            Hi Paul


            Yes this does work. OSX Server as well as Windows. If on OSX, the Actual Technologies ODBC drivers are needed. They do have a FileMaker server specific license. They are good to work with.


            As Doug advises I'd set the DSN(s) up with dedicated Oracle accounts that grant the access needed and no more. No extra tables/views etc. In fact of views are possible use them as the heavy lifting is then on the Oracle side.


            hth, Mark