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    Syncing an unhosted (local) FM Go App with FM Advanced

      Hi, I'm sure that this has to have been asked before but I'm failing to see any results. I'm looking for a way to be able to have a database set local to iOS devices and then be able to sync them later when WiFi access is accessible. Here is the scenario for a clearer picture:


      A "Shift leader" has a crew of people that he has to take notes on for the day has an iPad that he will take with him as he works. The location they're in has no connection at all nor any possibility of getting one (this is in a coal mine). He needs to be able to make these changes on the FileMaker Go app that he has stored on his device and take it above ground later and sync it when he gets within access of the host computer.


      A. Is this possible?


      B. Is this possible without third party software?


      I appreciate any help. It would be nice if we can put the app we have made to use. Thanks.

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          A. yes, it's possible.


          B. Not sure, most people nowadays are using either MirrorSync (360works) or GoZync (seedcode) to accomplish this. Both of these I believe are designed to work with hosted solutions and offline iPads. I'm not sure if you'll be able to use them without server edition acting as the host, but both companies have a pretty decent answering system to their question line.

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            A. Yes.

            B. Yes. There are many custom-built FileMaker sync solutions, including solutions that are FileMaker-only, solutions that use FileMaker's custom web publishing, and solutions that use plug-ins (not viable for FileMaker Go). GoZync and MirrorSync are the highest-profile solutions for syncing distributed FileMaker applications, but I suspect that's more because they have marketing efforts behind them than because they're so widely adopted. I'd be interested to see the results of a poll showing how many people use what solutions. GoZync runs entirely in FileMaker, so whether or not that's "third party software" depends on your interpretation of the term.


            I strongly recommend hosting your "master" database with FileMaker Server for sync solutions. It is possible to sync with a file hosted peer-to-peer by FileMaker Pro or Pro Advanced, but it's much less reliable.

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              A.  As others have said: yes.


              B.  FM Server is the preferred method.  If you don't want to shell out the cash for FM Server, you can import the data.  This isn't always a fit depending on your solution, but here is more info on how to do it:




              If the "shift leader" is the only person accessing the database, then the import method could work.  This would be the "no cost" option.  Now, with that said, I HIGHLY recommend investing in FM Server.


              For more info on server vs. syncing solution vs. import, see here: http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/7720/~/database-syncing---an-overview-of-approaches




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                Sure. It's not that complicated to sync a local file to your hosted file. There are several factors you've got to take into account but it's all doable. Namely, will iPad users be just creating new records or modifying existing ones. If modifying or deleting, what happens when there's a conflict with the hosted file?


                There's a decent whitepaper from FileMaker here on the site and Richard Carlton's video from 2011 DevCon is solid.


                You'll probably be fine with just finding records modified since the db was last imported and using an Import[] to move the records over.

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                  Thanks for everyone's input. I have ordered FM Server. They way the app will work is that we have information that were pulling in from the customer's DB. With that we're having the customer "add" these to another table and modify certain fields and then they will sync that with our FM application when they get with range of it. But to summarize all this is possible through scripting and not necessarily through using GoZync (or another syncing software). I've been trying to use imports but I'm not certain how to make the connection between the FM go app that's local to the iPad and the FM server that will be hosting that side of the app. It seems the sync guide is geared more towards hosted apps in which the iPad will have access to the master DB at all times. Thanks again


                  Edit: That video is a god-send.