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    DataViewer in Version 12.0v3 looses global variables?  New Bug??


      I'm working in FileMaker Advanced 12.0v3 using the debugger and dataviewer. If I abort a script the Current tab in ther data viewer goes blank. There are a number of global variables so it should continue to show these. Switching to the Watch tab and back to Current brings back the global variables.


      Has anyone else seen this? I think this is a new bug. Didn't have this issue in 12.0v2.



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          Have seen this as well. Seems to be a refresh issue. As you say, clicking the Watch tab and then back works as does switching to another application (which hides the data view and script debugger windows), or of course closing and then re-opening the data viewer.


          I am one of those that found the data viewer unusable in 12.0v1 and 12.0v2 while also debugging. This was when connected to a FM server over the WAN. It was usable if connected on the same LAN, but even then, it was much slower than FMP11. So far, I am finding the data viewer usable again while debugging with the 12.0v3 update.


          Mac 10.6.8, FMP Advanced 12.0v3.



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