Thumbs down for MLion color picker

Discussion created by jrenfrew on Oct 28, 2012
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Here's an an interesting bit of what in the car industry is called 'TVM' - you know when this years model does not contain a radio to save cost at the production end...


My color picker on Mac has a lot of stored colours, including some crefully workd out shades for easy application in client projects


Unless I am being VERY stupid it looks like upgraging to ML has removed a significant part of this behaviour and I have lost all that hard work I tried so hard to keep

See attached shot for what I am left with.



First its color storage, next it will be removal of optical drives from new Macs. (REALLY!! some of us do work in a world where not everything is connceted to the internet - or as in my case right now working in Morocco with a net speed that would make you wince with pain and makes downloading of ANYTHING more than plain text impossible)



So who has the email of the engineers responsible for this debacle??


Screen Shot 2012-10-28 at 10.05.40.png