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    OSX File permissions Issue





      Todays story is about an OSX 10.5.8 server running server 11.0v4.404. It has an external hard drive where we write backups (as well as the usual ~/...Library ones). A few days ago the backup to the external drive stopped - seems the file permissions had reset from fmserver/fmsadmin to admin/staff. Thus this became an invalid path according to the FMS Console. I reached for my usual tool to sort this out - Batchmod - and reset the permissions. Batchmod claims it changed them but when I do a GetInfo I see they are back to admin/staff.


      So...issue with the OS? or issue with the disk? I suspect the OS as I just tried another external disk and cannot reset permissions on it either.



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          Hi Stephen,


          What process are you using to write those backups to the external HD?


          Recently I had a similar failure with one of the three shell scripts that I use. (http://www.sumware.net/robfm3/?p=27)


          I tried changing permissions of the recipient folder to no avail. Instead I recreated the shell script, loaded it as a new schedule and deleted the old schedule.


          That has worked. FMS on a MacPro 1,1 running OS X 10.6.8.


          Sadly, the server's event log and the emailed notification cannot advise of the write failure.


          Hopefully this experience may help,



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            Writing the backups from with the FMS Console.  Just setting a different path.  Has been working for some years.  Suddenly stopped as the external disk permissions had "changed".  Did an OS reinstall and now all is well.


            Am also able to push offsite to DropBox - just Batchmod'd the Dropbox folder...




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