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    IWP start screens




      I've set up a simple feedback form using FM12 on a FM12 Server Adv hosting. I'm driving people to this page via a leaflet that is being sent out with all work being despatched. The web address is a simple OurSite.co.uk/feedback with a divert to the FM database. I'm expecting a few hundred responses over a couple of months. Nothing major that the IWP form can't cope with.


      2 questions.


      1. Can I bypass the sign in screen? I just want them to go straight to this one page database, enter their details and press submit. I assuming that if they have to enter a user name and password they won't bother.


      2. Once in. Can I get rid of the status bar at the top of the page? I don't want them to search etc or do anything except submitt the form and return to the website. I want to script this button myself and put it on the layout. What I'd like is, in effect, 'kiosk mode' that you get with a runtime version. Can the same be achieved via IWP?


      Thanks very much



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          I've done some more research and found...


          1. The sign in  screen is easily by-passed by making the Guest account as the only account with the Instant Web Publishing extended privilege enabled. All this is via File/Manage/Security. All web users get automatically loged in with the Guest account and subsequently they do not see the login page. Result!


          2. Getting rid of the status bar is partially achieved by writing a script that hides and locks the toolbars. Except that there is a little triangle (5px) on the left of the colapsed toolbar that when you click it opens it up. So it seems the 'lock' bit of the script is over ruled. Once in they can see all records and as I'm wanting to use it as a form. More work needs to be done to restrict it. See next point.


          3. A third thing that has arisen is that any guest goes to the 1st record. I want them to go to a new blank record. So maybe I've got to get them land on a page with a button that then creates a new record. Seems a bit clumpy. I'll investigate more.

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            I'm now feeling abit of a plonker. But if others are asking this question I've then found the answers for them.


            I had assumed that you couldn't have an opening script but you can. Isn't FileMaker great! They think of everything. This means that 'on opening' I can run a script that hides the toolbar and creates a new record. So all my issues over them seeing more than one record and it not being a simple interface is resolved.


            It also seems that by running a hide toolbar script on opening you don't get the little triangle appear. Result!