A thought for surviving the Storm

Discussion created by old_cedar on Oct 29, 2012

To my friends and collegues on the East Coast of the USA. It is going to be a long and stormy night with many a fear and tragedy. The days ahead will be long and difficult in recovery. My prayers are with you all. In my darker hours I remember my favorite verse, "And it came to pass." And it will. You will find strength in community and learn humblleness from nature and respect for those who step up to risk themselves for your well being. Extend to them kindness, patience and compassion. Those who will witness that in you will measure them selves privately and perhaps do the same. It will be difficult. Difficulty is personal in measure and outcome. It helps to be prepared and lucky. Have compassion on those who cannot be prepared or will be unlucky. May this night and the morrow find you safe and well. Unfortunately that is all I can offer at this time in life.