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    Opening FM files from the finder


      Since updating to FM 12.03, I no longer seem to be able to open FM files directly from the finder on my Mac. (I'm sure I was able to do so previously.) Each attempt opens the program and then takes me to the "Open New or Existing File" screen. I have reinstalled the update, repaired permissions but to no avail. Suggestions?

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          Do you make use of an opening script?

          Check in an older version in fmp7 if that could raise an issue, e.g. an exit if the extension or version is checked that would cause an exit

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            No script used - just direct double click or "Cmd O"  Happens for all of my files o MacPro running OS 10.8.2 . Strangely, it does NOT happen on my MacBook Pro which is running OS 10.7 but does happen on Mac Mini running OS 10.7 (all have been upgraded to FM 12.0v3)

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              Bob --


              Try this:

              1) Select a .fmp12 file in the Finder

              2) Type Cmd+I (for Get Info)

              3) Check which application is designated to open this file. 

              4) If necessary (and I think it will be) select FMP12.0v3 and click the 'Change All...' button.


              My guess is that the Finder is confused about what to open. 


              I think this can happen if you are in the habit of renaming the application after you install it (e.g. so the icon in the dock tells you the version directly).  If you want to see what version you are running from the icon in the dock, install FM12 with the default name, create a finder alias & rename it to anything you want, then add that item to the dock, app launcher, etc.  Rename the alias as necessary when the version changes.


              -- Drew Tenenholz

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                Thanks for the suggestion but I have already tried that - no joy.




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                  I did find this in the Problem Solving area but I thought the issue had been solved as I had been able to open files from the documents themselves until recently. Does anyone else have this problem?



                  A FileMaker Pro application has Instant Web Publishing enabled.  FileMaker Pro is then closed.  To launch or open the application, you drag a database onto the application icon or the user double clicks a database.

                  In previous versions, launching FileMaker Pro in this fashion would produce a port conflict dialog.

                  In FileMaker Pro 11 and later, the port conflict dialog appears along with an additional message:

                  “The document “<file name>” could not be opened. FileMaker Pro cannot open files in the “FileMaker Document” format.”

                  This is an issue that is currently be investigated and does not have a set resolution at this time.

                  However, please note that the issue only occurs when FileMaker is closed and the drag/drop or double clicking a database methods are used to launch it.  As a workaround, launch FileMaker first through the Applications folder or the application icon within your dock and then drag/drop or double click a database to launch a file.

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                    OK, after a long nice discussion with Tech Support at FileMaker (Thank you.) the problem was narrowed down to a conflict with "DeFault Folder." By disabling FM in DeFault Folder the problem no longer occurs. I would guess there is a conflict between "favorites" or something between the two. FileMaker Tech Support, although not suggesting the problem solution themselves,  were very patient as we walked through various suggestions and finally, upon a a safe reboot, narrowed the possiblities - excellent service!